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Carbon Credits

Why purchase carbon credits now

Many companies are committed to doing their part in tackling climate changes. However, many business models can not fundamentally change their need to emit as fast as markets demand it.  This is why managers of many businesses are committed to achieving their net-zero goals by offsetting CO2. Offsetting emissions shows partners and customers that they care, increasing engagement and building a sustainable corporate identity. 

Some firms go a step further by neutralizing more emissions than they are producing. This is referred to as "becoming climate positive"

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Requirements for good carbon credits

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Neutralisation projects need to either stop emissions (avoidance) or take emissions out of the air (capturing). Projects that would have been implemented even without carbon credits do not offer additionality. Read more here

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Secondary impact 

Just looking at the impact on emissions is not sufficient. Good projects must also consider factors like biodiversity, social impact and if the project was conducted under fair circumstances. Otherwise the impact can be misleading quickly. 

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In the past, many market participants were involved. It is however vital, that the portion of the money spent by companies that reaches the project is as high as possible. Therefore eliminating as many participants taking a cut as possible is important.

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For a company to say that they effectively neutralised emissions they need to provide full transparency about relevant details of the projects they supported. They also need to prove to the public that the transaction happened in the first place.

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Carbon Projects

High-quality carbon projects 

Sustaim only offers projects after extensive due diligence. We make sure that every project provides impact with significant additionally. We also take a hard look at other factors to find out in which way projects generate secondary impact. We make all details public, therefore providing the transparency that a functioning emission market needs. 

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